Pet Spa & Dog Grooming

Our Pet Stylists have over 40 years of cat and dog grooming experience for various breeds and hair types. Their services combine the latest in fashion grooming with the most loving care around. Grooming services are available at all three locations (Franklinville, Deptford, and Sicklerville NJ). Please call us for pricing - costs vary based on the type of hair, breed, temperament and condition of your pet.

All normal grooming procedures require a 2-4 hour interval to complete. If your pet has special needs or your schedule does not permit that time allotment, we well do our best to accommodate you. We also offer express service by appointment.

Dog Grooming Williamstown NJ

Luxury Spa Treatment

We feature KoKos Pet Spa Vitamin Showers and an Infrared Sterilizing Therapy/Dry Room.

Dog Grooming Sicklerville NJ

Dry Room

Dog Grooming Turnersville NJ

Vitamin Showers

Standard Grooming

  • Complete Skin & Coat Assessment
  • Warm Water Massage Bath
  • Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Hand Fluff Drying
  • Complete Brush & Comb Out
  • Nail trim
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Styling (bow or bandanna, fragrance spritz)
  • Vitamin C applied during the rinse cycle for skin nourishment

Dog Grooming Williamstown NJ


Dog Grooming Sewell NJ


A La Carte Spa Treatments

  • Flea Treatments
  • Furminator Deshedding Treatments
  • Dematting
  • Jacuzzi
  • Massage Room Session
  • Gland Care (Anal Gland Expression)
  • Teeth Brushing
  • Pawdicures
  • Whirl Pool Bath
  • Paw Pad Treatments
  • Nail Dremel
  • Variety of Shampoos (Scent of the Month, Oatmeal, Blueing, Medicated, Hypo, Milk Bath, Shedless and DE skunking)

Cat Grooming

We also offer bathing and grooming services for your cat. Our professional groomers have been making our fancy felines look and feel wonderful with many many years of experience behind each groomer. We can do sanitary cuts, lion cuts, and trim up those trouble spots or just a wonderful warm bath to make your cat feel wonderful.

A Note on Drying…

Your pet will be completely dried using strict safety standards. While drying your pet we check your pet's skin for parasites (fleas & ticks) as well as warts and moles, before any brushing or combing begins. Your pet will then be completely brushed, combed by our stylist.

Your pet may use our area exclusive KoKos Dry Room which provides a relaxed, quiet environment and one third faster drying. It also has a infrared bulb to heal skin conditions, eradicate any parasites.

A Note on Styling… 

Your pet will be trimmed and styled by our highly trained and qualified Pet Stylist's. Your personal stylist will trim your pet to your request. If you prefer, we will help you select proper fitting style from our wide range of options.

Ultimate Spa: Have You Tried Our Monthly Spa Treatment?

Each month we offer a new ultimate spa experience that includes special shampoos, whirl pool bath, massage, special treatments (that include and are not limited to facial, paw treatment) festive bandana and scent of the month spritzer. Please ask an associate for complete details.


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