Cat Boarding in Southern New Jersey

Our cattery in Franklinville is the most unique custom-made facility in the South Jersey Region. Your cat can plan fantasy hunts while watching the birds and outside world through large specially-made picture windows.

Since most cats are shocked to learn they are not the only feline in the world, we don't have non-family cats from different cat families to play together. We also offer optional very specialized playtime and other packages for cats who crave human interaction.

Our feline guests stay in our feline condominiums, townhouses and penthouses representing the ULTIMATE in secure spacious or cozy environments. It is the perfect place for stimulating play, unlimited people, bird watching and tranquil cat naps.

Each unit features multiple levels for play, high quality bedding, private litter box and cat scratchers. All of our feline guests receive personal attention, daily housekeeping, fresh water and healthy, wholesome food (your cats food if you wish). Please be advised we are unable to lodge cats that receive insulin, we suggest you contact your vet for lodging options.

Kitty Condos 2-Level - $21.99/day for one cat ONLY
Kitty Townhouses 3-Level - Starting at $37.99/day for one cat
Kitty Penthouse 4-Level with window view - Starting at $43.99/day for one cat
Small Pet Lodging (for Rabbits, Hamsters, etc.) Please supply cage, food and bedding - $9.75/day

The Cat Jungle

Our cattery features the awesome cat jungle which is an oasis created especially for cats to enjoy. It was designed to offer the kinds of activities, stimuli and comfort that cats love. The cat jungle is a world away from the traditional cat boarding experience.


All cats require rabies and distempter shots 21 days prior to boarding. No un-neutered males, please.
Feline leukemia vaccine is also recommended. Please see our vaccination/medication requirements sheet for more information.

Customize Your Cats Stay

Playtime isn't just for the dogs! We offer a variety of optional fun activities your cat loves - brushing, cuddles, or just hanging out with one of our caregivers. 

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