Pets Care Program

Pets Care Program is an innovative protection program in keeping with Halo House’s promise of the finest care for your pets while they vacation with us. You can be assured that your pet will receive timely professional veterinary care should the need arise, at no additional veterinary cost to you, up to a maximum of $500.00.


Pets Care Program covers an unexpected illness or injury during your pets stay, manifests itself up to within five days of your pet’s departure from Halo House. Pets care will provide up to $500.00 for veterinary care if required.


The program does not cover any pre-existing health or medical conditions. Also, it does not cover an injury/not eating caused by one of your pets to another if they are sharing a common boarding space requested by you.

Cost Per Pet

$1.00 per day per pet.

Terms & Conditions

This coverage shall be effective and binding on Halo House Animal Resort only if the owner complies with each of the following conditions:

In the event that the pet requires ongoing treatment after its owner has taken possession of the pet, the owner hereby agrees to authorize his veterinarian to forward a copy of the diagnosis and treatment history to Halo House Animal Resort (such records are required before any claim is paid).

Reimbursement under this certificate shall be made by Halo House Animal Resort direct to veterinarians and hospitals or to client with vet receipt.  Allowance of time to check diagnosis may be taken.

Halo House Animal Resort, at its own expense, shall have the right and opportunity to examine the covered pet whose illness or injury is the basis of any claim when as often as it may reasonably be required during the pending of such claim.

Any and all original claims under this warranty must be submitted in writing within ten days after Halo House relinquishes care to the pet owner, together with documentation satisfactory to Halo House. Any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to this certificate shall be settled by arbitration in accordance with the rules of the American arbitration association.

Pet Care FAQs

Q. What is Pets Care?

A. It is our innovative ‘sick pet care’ protection program covering unexpected illness or injury while pets are boarded at Halo House.  Also, any covered illness contracted during their stay manifesting itself within 5 days after their stay is covered.

Q. Why does Halo House offer this unique program?

A. Pets Care is a further commitment to providing our pet clients and their owners with the best possible ‘sick pet care’ protection combined with all of our other programs and services.

Q. Do any other kennels in this area offer this type of ‘sick pet care’ protection?

A. Halo House is one of the first providers of this type of service in South Jersey.

Q. Are all pets boarded at Halo House required to have Pets Care Coverage, or is this a voluntary program?

A. All pets are required to participate in this program.

Q. Are all pets boarded at Halo House eligible to receive Pets Care Coverage?

A. Yes, all pets boarded at Halo House are eligible.

Q. What does the Pets Care program cover?

A. The program covers any unexpected illnesses or injury during your pet’s stay, or manifesting itself within five days of departure. For example, if your pet should develop an upset stomach while at Halo House or within five days after boarding, Pets Care should provide up to $500.00 for its veterinarian care.

Q. What happens if the “sick pet case” charges exceed the $500.00 per pet, per stay?

A. Pet owners are responsible for all charges exceed the $500.00 maximum coverage amount.

Q. What is the length of time that a pet can receive coverage?

A. A pet is covered for the duration that it is boarded at Halo House and up to five days after its boarding departure date.

Q. What is not covered under the Pet Care program?

A. The program does not cover any pre-existing health or medical conditions. Also not covered is an injury caused by one of your pets to another if they are sharing a boarding space at the owner’s request.

Q. What kind of documentation does Halo House require before a “sick pet care” claim is paid using Pet Care?

A. Halo House requires that all original claims for veterinary services be submitted to them within ten days of your pets boarding departure date for payment or reimbursement. If your pet requires ongoing treatment within the five day limit, Halo House also requires that your veterinary forward diagnosis and treatment history to them prior to payment or reimbursement.

Exception to Pets Care Coverage

Canine Influenza is highly contagious. We at Halo House Animal Resort have the strictest health and security protocols in the past housing industry and ask for your cooperation by not brining in any personal items from home.

Canine Cough

The current vaccines do not seem to be adjusted for the new strains that develop each year. Therefore, while we demand vaccinations (similar to flu vaccines for people) for all of our guests, this is no guarantee that a pet will not develop Canine Cough. Medical coverage cannot presently be extended for Canine Influenza and/or Canine Cough.


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