Packages & Extras

Though the years we have come up with a nice line-up of A La Carte amenities and packages to make our facility a premier resort for pets. Depending on their owner’s preference, guests can enjoy a busy activity schedule filled with playtime, walks, wading pools and spa treatments. In fact, customers frequently comment that their pet is going to a fancier vacation than they are!

All prices are in addition to boarding prices.

A La Carte

A la carte items are charged per pet, per day. 

Doggie Playtime

Let your pet enjoy a some fun time in our one and a half acre play field. Now is the time for your pet to relax with some personal playtime with one of our caretakers. With lots of toys, Frisbees, tunnels, jumps, baby pools or the sprinkler in the summertime. $8.49 a day

Individualized Kitty Playtime 

Quarter-hour session of private, one-on-one time with one of our associates doing whatever fun activity your cat loves - brushing, cuddles or just hanging out together.

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Play & Stay 

Our lodging guests can join in our Doggie Day Camp off-leash play program. $14.99


A rubber kong toy filled with mashed potatoes or peanut butter. It keeps most dogs busy for hours trying to get to the luscious center. $4.25

Business Walk

Especially good for our senior guests, stretch mobility breaks gives our caregivers the ability to monitor their health and provides one on one interaction. $4.25

Yappy Hour

A special frozen, nutritional, dessert for your dog to enjoy.

  • Smart Pup – Banana & Peanut flavored smoothie. $3.75

Nighty-Night Story

One of our caretakers will go into your pets’ room and read him/her a bedtime story and tuck in with a bone on his pillow. $4.99


For cats or dogs, one on one lap time with a caregiver. $4.25

Cuddle Time & Nighty Night

A one-on-one personal cuddle time with one of our caretakers. One of our caretakers will go into your pets' room & read him/her a bed time story and tuck-in with a bone on their pillow. Lots of special love and attention for your pet… $8.45

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Brush Time

10 to 15 minutes of quality brushing for our long haired, easily matted pets. $4.75

Personal Pool (Seasonal)

A baby pool can be placed into your pet's room, so your baby can enjoy lots of cool splashing fun at his leisure. $4.25 a day


$1.99 per administration (ex. 3 pills in morning and 2 pills at night equal 2(two) administrations.

Insulin Injections

$2.99 per injections (only will be given to non aggressive dogs). We are unable to provide insulin for cats.

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Packages For Dogs

I Want It All $30.98 a day

  • 3 playtimes
  • 2 business walks
  • 1 frozen treat or gourmet cookie
  • 1 bed time story and tuck in

Ultimate Party $21.98 a day

  • 2 playtimes
  • 1 business walk
  • 1 frozen treat or gourmet cookie
  • 1 bed time story and tuck in

Playful Pup Party $13.98 a day

  • 1 playtime
  • 1 business walk
  • (chose one service) Work A Bone, Cuddle Time, or Gourmet Treat

Preppy Party $16.98 a day

  • 2 playtimes
  • 1 frozen treat or gourmet cookie

Tender Care Party $20.98 a day

  • 2 stretch mobility breaks
  • orthopedic bedding
  • extra care/attention
  • unlimited medication
  • 1 bed time story and tuck in

Happy Hounds Birthday Package to celebrate your special day! $20.98 a day

  • 2 Playtimes
  • 1 Birthday Gourmet cookie
  • 1 Business Walk
  • Birthday Present
  • Extra Personal Attention with Birthday Song

Packages For Cats

Fluffy Feline Fun $10.98 a day

  • 1 playtime in the kitty jungle
  • 1 brush time
  • 1 catch o' the day appetizer

The Whole Kitten Kaboodle $16.98 a day

  • 2 playtimes in the kitty jungle
  • (chose one) 1 brush time or 1 snuggle up
  • 1 catch o' the day appetizer
  • 1 kitty toy

Purr-fect Birthday $19.99 a day

  • 2 playtimes in the kitty jungle
  • 1 brush time
  • 1 snuggle up
  • 1 catch o' the day appetizer
  • Birthday Present

Extras For Cats

Cuddle Time & Nighty Night $8.45/night
Brush Time Starting at $4.75/brush session
Kitty Playtime $4.49/playtime
Snuggle Up $4.25/night

All cats require rabies and distempter shots 21 days prior to boarding. No un-neutered males, please.
Feline leukemia vaccine is also recommended. Please see our vaccination/medication requirements sheet for more information.


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