Meet Our Staff

Denise, Owner

Throughout her travels, Denise knows...Cats are King!

I was born in Manhattan to very loving parents. The only issue was they would not let me have a dog as our apartment was too small. The desire was burning. I would go out to play and find any cat I could to play with (including the stray alley cat that would sometimes scratch (me!). I would greet the firehouse dalmatians on the many false alarm visits to the neighborhood, and look forward to summer vacations in the Catskills to play with the horses and cows. But the desire to have my own pet continued to burn. Growing up in North Jersey and working mostly in retail management, I was able to finally have my very own dog to love and care for. Years later, no longer married and retired, I was now free to travel and see the world. On my first vacation to a beautiful island, I looked out to the endless ocean appreciating how amazing it was! But then it came back to I am enjoying myself and my babies are in "jail". The kennels were simply prisons for animals and that's when I more!

Brainstorming with a friend (who literally grew up in a kennel) we developed an idea of what a the new generation of a pet facility should be. Designed to reflect what I would want for my own babies, Halo House Animal Resorts was born. Halo House Animal Resort is a facility with well trained and nurturing caretakers. As we grew in size and experience, so did out elaborate rooms, settings and play areas. We have continued to evolve into today's regional boarding leader (Voted "Best of" in 2008, 2009, and 2010).

We as people, enjoy and appreciate what spas do for us and now we have created the same services for our guests, like massages for the active and athletic; body wraps with warmed towels (to correct to skin conditions) for the arthritic as well as special "dry rooms" with infrared lights, aromatherapy, and so much more. What we care about most are our family member who can't really vocalize themselves. For me, Halo House is my passion and I am proud to be able to share that with our clients and guests.

Kathy, General Manager

I am the General Manager of Halo House Animal Resort. My goal is to ensure the health, safety, comfort and fun of our guests. My own dogs are spoiled, pampered and have the life of leisure and I want our guests to feel the same way.

As a teenager I went to school and received my Associates as a Veterinary Technician . I then went on to earn my Bachelors in Biology. I then worked as a veterinary technician, microbiologist and histologist for many many years. All the while being very active in many aspects of the Canine world. I have always been a member of many dog breed clubs from sled dog racing to obedience clubs and many other venues. Dogs have been my passion and I have always wanted to continually learn as much as I possibly could about them and still do.


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